Optical solutions for industrial markets


From intelligent headlights and LIDAR to style-conscious innovations in interior design

Docter Optics always ensures, together with its international customers, latest safety and technological solutions in the exciting area of ​​automotive lighting technologies

HID, XENON, LED, matrix LED or high-resolution projection headlights - as a technology leader, Docter Optics has been supplying Tier 1 headlight manufacturers worldwide with customized optical components or complex systems for a wide range of automotive lighting technology applications for almost 40 years. Docter Optics has developed several patented processes for the industrial serial production of multifunctional free-form components and, more recently, precision optics made of glass. With the help of a unique multi-layer process, Docter Optics can also offer complex polymer optics. Other areas of application for the products developed with our customers include environmental projection, optical solutions for LIDAR systems, high-quality glass products for interior design and special optical films for head-up displays.

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Medical technology / Analytics

Health concerns us all! Optical components and systems from Docter Optics help to enable reliable analyses and diagnoses in medicine.

We develop and manufacture special optics for analysis and diagnostic systems in a wide range of medical fields and also act as an OEM device module manufacturer. Docter Optics' expertise can be found in numerous complex medical devices, such as fluorescence microscopes, in clinics and laboratories all over the world.

Machine Vision and Automation

On sight - lenses from Docter Optics enable the automation of demanding processes.

Automated systems work thanks to reliable monitoring by optical systems. Thanks to the huge range of directly available lenses, we can design the optical systems for all conceivable wavelengths so that they work just as effectively in the visible light range as in ultraviolet and infrared light. We perfectly match the lenses for installation in special cameras to the system to be monitored and the connected technology; we avoid optical errors with aspherical lenses.



Capture biometric data such as fingerprints quickly and securely - Industrial production of high-tech systems.

Our optical components are already installed in numerous fingerprint and hand scanners that are used all over the world. To make the technology even more efficient and secure, we are working as an industrial partner together with a young, very successful biometrics start-up on devices with a contactless scan.

Consumer Electronics

The future is now - augmented reality and virtual reality are not dreams of the future.

Sophisticated optical systems for pioneering electronic devices, such as 3D glasses that allow you to safely immerse yourself in virtual reality, and augmented reality applications also rely on our expertise and experience. Docter Optics has all the expertise in-house to develop complex hybrid systems and produce them in large series in a way that adds value.

Virtual reality glasses

Laser Technologies

Focussed light has great power and this must be guided properly for a laser system to work.

The broad field of laser processing includes, for example, cutting a wide variety of materials such as glass and steel with a focussed beam of light. As diverse as the many possible applications of this technology are, the basic commonality is crucial: powerful optical components are needed to image an energy-intensive laser beam. We develop and manufacture these robust semi-finished products for this purpose as well as ready-moulded, customised components for you, whether in small or large series.

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